I LOVE to cook and I love to eat! I could live off of sushi and yummy treats!
I love online shopping! I work to support my amazon.com addiction.
I could spend every day in my comfy clothes with a good book. I love to read but I am so busy with my kiddos, I only get the chance when everyone is in bed... and usually then I am busy editing.
I don't get nearly enough sleep!
I hate fish with a passion, I won't get the in water if I suspect I am within 100 yards of a fish (which is weird that I love sushi so much)
I love passion. I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in love, and heartfelt kisses, and perfect placement. When you shoot a session with me, you can expect a mix of candid passion, pinterest worth posing, silly and goofy, yet classy and proper. I attribute my shooting style to my personality. I like to show pictures as I take them because I am so excited to share the images, and I like you to feel comfortable with what I am getting so in turn you will be more relaxed and confident.